These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to the club Xpress digital loyalty scheme and to persons who choose to register and become members of Club Xpress.

Club Xpress is provided by MTR Express (Sweden) AB, company No. 556923-4304, with address Rålambsgatan 17, SE-112 59 Stockholm, Sweden (”MTR Express”).


1. Club Xpress is a loyalty program that allows members to earn points when they purchase travel with MTR Express. The points can be used instead of cash when buying a train ticket for travel on MTR Express. Membership also provides other benefits, such as special offers and priority for campaigns. Three levels of club Xpress membership are available: White, Red and Black. Your membership level is based on the number of point you earn during a calendar year. When you reach a certain membership level, you retain this for the next calendar year. For more information about the benefits applicable from time to time, see this link.

2. Club Xpress membership is free of charge. You can sign up on To become a member of Club Xpress you must provide the compulsory information requested when you register.

3. Club Xpress is only available to private individuals. For businesses, MTR Express offers a company contract, including, inter alia, beneficial price offers. For more information about company contracts, mail

4. Club Xpress membership is personal and only one membership will be registered per customer number. Membership is also only available to individuals who are 18 years of age or over. When registering as a Club Xpress member, a user profile is created on the Website, where, for example, you can find your current points and membership level.


5. To earn points you need to purchase a train ticket for travel with MTR Express and complete the journey. You can purchase train tickets on the Website or through a travel agent. To earn points when making a purchase on the Website you must be logged in when making the purchase. To earn points when purchasing a train ticket from a travel agent, your club Xpress membership number or e-mail must be quoted in the booking. Points cannot be registered once the purchase is made.

6. You only earn points on journeys operated by MTR Express. This means that if you buy a so-called Resplus trip, which is a combined journey with an MTR Express-operated train and means of transport operated by other transport companies, you only earn club Xpress points for the part of the journey operated by MTR Express.

7. The points are earned as soon as the payment transaction for the purchase in question, and the journey, has been completed. If the payment for a product or service is refunded or rearranged, the points earned will be returned to MTR Express. Points earned usually become available within one (1) day from completing the journey with which the points are associated. On certain occasions it can take longer for points to become available when logging in to your user profile on the Website.

8. Train tickets purchased by redeeming points do not qualify for earning new points. MTR Express reserves the right to exclude the possibility to earn points when taking up certain special offers.

9. MTR Express strives to increase its offer of products and services that are eligible for points. For information on how you can earn and redeem points, and the offers and benefits provided to members from time to time, see the Website.


10. Points earned are valid throughout the year they were earned until and including the expiry of the second calendar year after this time, at which date they lapse if they have not been used. This means that points earned in September 2018 are valid until and including the end of 2020, unless they have been used before this date.

11. You can redeem points by using the points instead of cash to pay for tickets on the Website. To redeem points you need to be logged in on the Website. Points have no financial value and cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase tickets from other transport companies.

12. MTR Express’ other terms and conditions (including its Terms and Conditions for Purchasing and its General Terms and Conditions for the Carriage of Passengers by Rail) apply to journeys purchased by redeeming points. These terms and conditions are available on the Website.

13. MTR Express is not liable for taxes and other surcharges that you incur when redeeming points.


14. MTR Express collects and processes certain personal data about you when you apply for and use your club Xpress membership.

15. MTR Express is the data controller with respect to the processing of personal data. For more information on how MTR Express processes your personal data and your rights under the data protection legislation, see our privacy policy on


16. You are responsible for ensuring that your login details are treated confidentially and in a way that protects them from unauthorised access. MTR Express is not liable for stolen, misused or misappropriated login details or for third party unauthorised use of your login details and/or earned points.

17. MTR Express reserves the right from time to time to amend these Terms. You will be informed of significant amendments at least thirty (30) days before they take effect by an e-mail to the last e-mail address you gave us. The latest version of the Terms is available on the Website. You are responsible for keeping your e-mail address up-to-date and for informing MTR Express in the event of any change to the e-mail address you gave us when you signed up for your Club Xpress membership. You agree that all communications regarding Club Xpress take place electronically.

18. You can terminate your membership in club Xpress at any time by contacting MTR Express on the following email address:

19. MTR Express has the right to cancel your membership with immediate effect if you are in breach of applicable legislation, these Terms or MTR Express’ other terms and conditions, if you misbehave in connection with a train journey, for example by being threatening to staff or other passengers, or if you misuse your club Xpress membership in a way that is not, in MTR Express’ discretion, in compliance with the Terms. In the event of such termination, all redeemable points will become invalid.

20. MTR Express reserves the right to cease providing club Xpress with immediate effect. In such case, redeemable points must be redeemed within six (6) months of the notice from MTR Express that it will cease to provide Club Xpress.

21. MTR Express has the right to assign all its rights and obligations under the Terms. You do not have a right to assign your rights and obligations under these Terms without written consent from MTR Express.


Any disputes relating to the interpretation and application of these Terms shall be settled in the general Swedish courts with the application of Swedish law.


1. MTR EXPRESS (SWEDEN) AB:s General terms and conditions for Club Xpress membership, valid from 2019-10-16

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