Club Xpress has been re-launched

We are now relaunching Club Xpress! With the new and improved Club Xpress we want to do even more to improve and simplify your travel. In addition to being able to earn points, you also get a range of other benefits as a member with us, read more about the membership and all the benefits:

  • Earn and spend points on all departures
  • Easily manage your travels
  • Access more benefits the more you travel

In addition to this, you will also get personal offers and surprises, as well as priority for all upcoming campaigns.

Receive 1 kr for every 10 kr you spend.

Simplicity and smoothness are our keywords. In our membership club - Club Xpress - we have therefore set aside complex rules and give you as a member 1 kr in bonus for every 10 kr you spend.

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Club Xpress has three different membership levels

White level

You start with this level and stay until you earn more than 499 points during 12 months.

  • Earn and spend points on all departures. One kr in bonus for each 10 kr you spend.
  • Priority to special offers and promotions.

Red level

You will be upgraded to this level after you have earned over 500 points during 12 months.

  • All white level benefits are also included in this membership level.
  • Free coffee and tea on board no matter what ticket type you travel with.
  • Always a 10% discount in our café on board. Does not apply to alcohol.
  • 25% extra points (a total of 1.25 sek per 10 kr you spend).

Black level

You will reach this level once you have earned over 1500 points during 12 months

  • All benefits from white and red level are also included in this membership level
  • Always 20% discount in our café on board. Does not apply to alcohol.
  • Next seat free no matter what ticket type you travel with.
  • 50% extra points (a total of 1.50 sek per 10 kr you spend).

Already a member of Club Xpress from before?

Club Xpress looks almost the same as before except for some improvements.

  • As of the re-launch, new membership levels are based on points instead of number of trips.
  • Your old membership number will no longer work and you will get a new membership number and have to choose a new password when recreating your account.
  • It will be possible to recreate your account until June 30, 2020.

We thank you for waiting so patiently for the re-launch of Club Xpress and will extend the validity of your membership level up to the end of 2020. You who have previously been a member will get back your previous level, points that you had previously and also points for all trips you made this year, assuming you used the same e-mail when booking that you were registered with before.

Questions and answers

Will the extension of my level be valid throughout 2020? 

Yes, the extension will be valid throughout 2020.

Will I get points for trips I made while Club Xpress was gone? 

Yes, as long as you have used the same e-mail for bookings that you were previously registered with.

My points or level do not match what I should have. What do I do? 

Fill out this form and customer service will help you as soon as possible.

Is there a deadline to recreate my old account? 

Yes, the last day to recreate your account is June 30, 2020.

Other information

  • Commuter Card Holder: If you have a year card or a half year card, you will get the Black level. If you have a monthly card, you get Red level. To get these levels activated, you need to create an account and then fill out this form..
  • If you are a member of the Black level, you will have free seat next to whatever ticket type when traveling alone. If you travel in a group, you will not get next seat free for FIX and FLEX.
  • Currently it's not possible to login to your account through any of our apps. They are released week 44 and as a user you need to update the app in the app store.

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