Are you a private traveler and have booked your trip yourself? In that case, you may not have to do anything at all to get your delay compensation. In fact, all customers who are delayed and who have booked and paid their own ticket through MTR Express's website,, or the app will receive their compensationautomatically.

By using the Swedish Transport Administration's data for arrival times, the payment will be initiated on the day that the delay occurs and the compensation will be on the customer's account within three banking days after the trip. In connection with the payment, the customer receives an email with information about the delay and the amounts paid out. Customers who booked through other channels must, as before, contact MTR Express in order to receive their compensation. The compensation is currently in accordance with MTR Express’s travel conditions that comply with EU and industry standards.

If the train arrives with at least one hour delay to the destination under the transport contract, you are entitled to the following compensation, 60–119 minutes delay: 25% of the fare you paid for the delayed train and at least 120 minutes delay: 50% of the fare you paid for the delayed train. For those who booked their trip via travel agency / agent or commuter card, MTR Express lacks account information. The traveler therefore needs to contact MTR Express customer service via or the app to submit their account details and get the compensation paid. This also applies to bookings with company agreements.

Read more about the travel conditions here.

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