This service enables you to connect to the internet. Remember that when you connect to the internet, you do so at your own risk.

The quality and speed of the internet connection vary depending, amongst other things, on the location of the train, the number of users of the service, the users’ usage patterns and the amount of data you have already downloaded from the internet. Therefore, MTR Express cannot guarantee a certain speed or quality of internet connection.

MTR Express accepts no liability whatsoever for any goods, services, information, software or other materials acquired by you when using the internet.

MTR Express reserves the right to completely block or otherwise restrict access to web pages, services and other content on the internet.

Some online material is not suitable for minors. Please show consideration for your fellow passengers, including minors, and their rights when using the service. MTR Express accepts no liability whatsoever for any defects in your equipment or for the service failing to work on your equipment.

The service may be used for personal purposes only and in accordance with these user terms and conditions. You may not resell the service or otherwise utilise the service to provide commercial services.

You are responsible for all content sent or downloaded using the service. It is not allowed to send or intentionally download:

  • Content which is so extensive in scope that it creates problems for other users attempting to access the service or otherwise causes damage, interference with or inconvenience to MTR Express’ network or other networks.
  • Distributions that interfere with other users, for example mass e-mail or computer virus.
  • Material which is copyrighted (does not apply with required permission) or contains illegal content, such as child pornography, incitement to hatred and libel.
  • Materials which have been manipulated to appear as having been sent from someone other than the actual sender.
  • Unusually large amounts of data and unreasonably long data sessions compared to average use of the service, or something that otherwise violates laws, regulations or authority decisions, or otherwise violates these user terms and conditions.

Limitation of MTR Express’ liabilities

MTR Express provides the connection to the internet “as is”. MTR Express consequentlydisclaims all responsibility regarding quality, reliability, performance and suitability for a particular purpose.

MTR Express accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage you may suffer in connection with the use of the service, such as loss of profit, interruption to business, loss or corruption of information or data, or damage to equipment or other assets.

MTR Express does not guarantee that the service, or server that the user connects to via the service, is free from viruses or the like. You are responsible for ensuring that the device you connect to the service has the protection you deem appropriate such as virus protection, firewall, etc., and that the communication to and from your device is encrypted or otherwise protected when deemed appropriate.

MTR Express cannot guarantee that the connection provided by the service is secure. Furthermore, MTR Express cannot guarantee that data sent or received is delivered on a timely basis or that it has not been changed.

Data protection

When you use the service, you provide information about yourself. MTR Express is responsible for the processing personal data pursuant to the applicable personal data legislation.

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