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Region RUNT XTRA is valid with MTR EXPRESS

Västtrafiks customers that travel with Region Runt Xtra 30 days, are welcome aboard MTR Express between Skövde and Gothenburg.

With MTR Express the travel time is 70 minutes between Skövde and Gothenburg, which is 15 minutes less than with the regional trains. MTR Express only does one stop along the way, either in Herrljunga or Alingsås.

To travel with MTR Express the owner of the Regionen Runt Xtra card needs to book their seat before departure on or in our app. This is done by writing VÄSTTRAFIK as a voucher code. The trips with MTR Express is personal and is only valid for the owner of the Regionen Runt Xtra card. This means that the owner of the Regionen Runt Xtra card can not book a ticket for someone elser or more passengers than him or herself.

Here is how you book your ticket with MTR Express:
  • Before departure go to
  • Choose "Book with voucher/Commuter card"
  • Add voucher code VÄSTTRAFIK
  • Now you can book a FLEX ticket for 0 kr.

In the event of a ticket inspection the customer should be able to supply us with:
  • His Regionen Runt Xtra card
  • Receipt of his Regionen Runt Xtra card
  • ID card since the ticket is personal

Västtrafik card

You are warmly welcome aboard MTR Express!

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