Smoking is not allowed onboard. This includes electronic cigarettes.


You are not allowed to drink outside alcoholic beverages onboard the train. Alcohol is to be purchased and consumed onboard and cannot be taken off the train.


Volume from sound-projecting devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones as well as general conversation should be kept to levels in which they do not disturb other passengers. Quiet time is observed between 22:00 and 07:00 as to allow other passengers to sleep.


Travellers may not embark, disembark or open exterior cabin doors while the train is in motion. Passengers may embarking and disembark the train only when it is fully stopped at the train station.

Passengers are only allowed to wait in specially waiting designated areas in the station. It is strictly forbidden to walk on the rails with the exception of the few crossings where it is clearly marked (by a sign) that the public may cross when safe. It is forbidden to cross these places when alarms are ringing, stop sign is shown or when the train is approaching. This ban also applies while the traffic beams are down, rising, or lowering.

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