A personal ticket is only to be used by the person whose name is on the ticket. Our staff member might ask you to show a valid ID onboard. Without a valid ID, the traveller might be assumed to be travelling without a ticket. A private ticket is non-transferable. A ticket that is issued for a specifically named traveller is a personal or a private ticket and is only to be used by that person. If the onboard staff suspect otherwise, the traveller will have to produce a valid ID to prove their identity. This includes discounted tickets. In these cases, the traveller will also have to be able to prove their right to the discounted ticket by showing a valid ID such as a student card or retirement documents. Travellers excused from showing proper identification include children who are traveling with an adult. These children do not need to prove their age and their right to discounted tickets. If these conditions are not met, the traveller will be assumed to be travelling without a ticket.

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