Guide dogs or service dogs for personal assistance for disabled people are always welcomed free of charge. No need to book space for your guide animal. Leader dogs and service dogs may be placed on the floor next to the traveler.


Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters and similar means of alternative accessibility can be taken on board. We have designated spaces on the train that are more accessible to wheelchair users. These spaces need to be booked prior to departure while booking tickets on our website or on our app. If you have any questions regarding accessibility or need help booking a wheelchair-accessible space, please contact us at

Due to the limited space on our trains, the limited capacity of our wheelchair lift as well as for safety reasons, your means of alternative accessibility cannot exceed the following dimensions: Width: 80 cm, Length 120 cm, Weight: 350 kg and ground clearance of at least 5 cm.


If you need assistance while travelling with us or getting to and from the train, you can book assistance through us at no extra cost. Assistance needs to be booked on our website at least 24 hours before departure. Close to the departure time, the assistant will be meeting you at the time and place specified in the booking and will then be following you to the train. The assistant will be wearing a yellow reflective vest with clear text indicating that they are assistants, both on the front and behind them. Once on board, the staff will help you find your booked seat. If you need to cancel your assistant, please contact our customer service at

Learn more about assistance here.

Book assistance by contacting customer service at


All the places onboard the train at animal-free with the exception of the eight places that are dedicated to animals on car D. However, service dogs all allowed in all locations. Please contact the staff onboard the train if you assigned to an unsuitable location and they will gladly relocate you.


Smoking is not allowed on any of our trains.


Our goal is for everyone to be able to book their tickets on our various booking channels. Therefore, we continuously work on improving our website and app. If you need help booking a trip, please contact our customer service at


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